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"Please leave a message."
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[There's an unfamiliar face peering into the Pokegear. One would be forgiven for thinking that it's a newcomer, except...]

Ah. Well... this is a problem...

[He brushes his hair back, looking a bit... troubled.]

I woke up this morning like this. Somehow I've aged ten years in one night. Is anyone else having a problem like this?

[Later, he can be found wandering around Goldenrod, with a Lucario, shiny Greninja, and shiny Pawniard trailing after him. The two shinys look pretty calm, but the Lucario looks slightly distressed at his trainer's predicament.]
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[He'd considered doing video or voice when he'd made the decision to make this post, but no. He wasn't sure if he could control his facial expressions or voice while he did.]

Tsukiyama Shuu is gone, in case anyone was looking for him. He's off the contact list, so I assume he's gone home.

Just in case anyone wanted to know.

This place isn't very fair, is it?

[He hadn't meant to put that last part, but he'd hit 'post' before he could take it back.]


[If anyone's near the beach in Olivine, Micchy is there, looking out at the sea and skipping rocks into it. He's got a Vulpix who's sitting and sunning herself and an Absol who doesn't seem to like this sun as much, but otherwise he's on his own.]


Feb. 25th, 2016 09:11 pm
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[It's late, and people should probably be trying to sleep. That appears to be what the very grumpy figure on the feed is attempting to do, but it's cold and the ground is still a little snowy and he looks pretty miserable, given that there is what appears to be the entirety of a tent collapsed on him. He's also wrapped in about three sweaters and a coat, and looks incredibly unamused.]

[The camera pans over to a rather nervous-looking Rapidash, along with a Vulpix and an Onix who looks more confused than anything. The camera then turns around to display a somewhat annoyed-looking Kadabra, who just glances to the side in a 'look at this bullshit I have to deal with' expression before shutting off.]


Feb. 10th, 2016 04:05 pm
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If anyone's looking for me for the next two weeks, don't worry. I'm safe.

I'm just not able to move around during that time. I'm not hurt, though.

I'd have sent this directly to people, but I'm not able to right now - so don't respond unless you mind me not being able to respond privately.

I guess this means I'm missing Valentine's Day? I don't mind much, though. That holiday can be more trouble than it's worth.

On a somewhat related note, what are some things you can do when you're bored that don't involve your Pokemon?


Dec. 15th, 2015 01:24 pm
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So Christmas is coming up, I guess. It's more of a lover's holiday in Japan, but it doesn't seem like it is here? I guess it's more like the American version without the religion.

What sort of things do you guys do for Christmas in your home worlds? I usually just ignored it, mostly, since it's not as big of a deal where I'm from and I wasn't dating anyone. Apparently in other countries eating fried chicken on Christmas isn't a thing? I don't know why it's a thing in Japan, it just is.


Oct. 23rd, 2015 04:50 am
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[There's the sound of smashing things, before a voice is heard.]

What kind of - I know I didn't eat something like that, it doesn't exist here. Why would I change like this?! I don't understand!

I look like him before he - hey! Isamu, give that ba - don't give it to Yuudai, that's not fair!

[There's the sound of a Lucario and a Greninja as the Pokegear is apparently tossed back and forth between them to escape their rampaging trainer, until there's a loud clonk sound and the sound of something heavy hitting the ground, followed by silence.]

[Then a Lucario's voice speaks up, though... only in Poke-speech.]

Our trainer woke up like this... he looks a little bit like a Chesnaught, but that's impossible, isn't it? I don't think we can keep him knocked out for long... we would like to request help, if anyone can assist us. We may be able to drag him outside if a few more from our team help, but past that... I don't know.

[Finally, the Pokegear clicks off.]


Aug. 11th, 2015 02:57 am
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[The camerawork in this video is... actually fairly professional, because it's being held in place by a Psychic Pokemon who will levitate whatever he pleases. It's outside the department store in Goldenrod, and Micchy is wearing a coat that... doesn't quite go with his shoes but you know what, he's trying.]

[But the focus is less on the coat and more on the Mareep that Micchy is... doing his best to wrestle into a sweater. It's not exactly cut for something with four legs but he's doing his damndest to get it into the thing.]

Come on, it'll keep you warm!


Don't give me that, your wool is going to get wet and then you'll be really unhappy and the static will get everywhere.

Maaa maareep!

Come on, please?


[A laugh of Kaa kaadabraaa! can be heard behind the camera, and Micchy looks up to see Yoshiro filming them, his eyes wide.]

H-hey! Turn that off now!

[He reaches for the Pokegear and snatches it out of the Psychic-type's clutches, turning the video off.]


Jul. 10th, 2015 03:40 pm
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This is a little bit embarrassing, but how do you get used to camping outside? I need to travel some more to get to places but I always feel like I'm not really camping right. I never really did it at home, so I'm not very used to it.

[And there's the fact that he really doesn't like forests since... well. It reminds him of that place.]

What kind of tips have you all picked up on the road? I'm kind of curious.


Apr. 8th, 2015 06:38 pm
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So I was talking with a few people and I was wondering - what sort of music does everyone like listening to? I listened to a lot of pop music at home, since I was on a dance team, but I'm just curious as to what everyone else's musical tastes are like.

I'm also wondering something about Riolu evolutions. Mine hasn't evolved yet. I've heard that it's based on 'friendship', but how is that exactly counted? I think I've been pretty nice to mine, but I don't know how it's really counted. Am I missing something?
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[He's been thinking over this for days. Is it his duty or not? It's not like he really needs the opinions of other people... but maybe another perspective might not hurt. Not like any of them here are normal, but some... are closer than he was.]

I've got a question. If you don't care, feel free to skip this over - there's no obligation to answer.

Say you're someone powerful, whatever that means to you. You might have money, you might have skills, or you might have whatever else that gives you an advantage over other people.

Now say there's a threat, something that risks destroying you and the people you have an advantage over. If you do nothing, you might be safe but other people would die. But if you give everything, they might be safe but you would die.

How much are you obligated to give? Be selfish and survive? Or sacrifice yourself for people who might not be thankful? And why?


Nov. 29th, 2014 02:40 pm
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[Micchy has a Driver again. Normally this would be a good thing, but right now he's stuck in the worst transformation possible. The power that he has access to right now is impressive and vast, but he can't shut it off.]

[Through the city, an armored rider marches, taking aim with a strange gun or some odd throwing blades. Every so often, smoke appears around him and he stumbles in pain, but he keeps going.]

[He has to keep going, because there's no option to give up. Not anymore. His stumbling is causing property damage, though, and his appearance is causing some people to run away in fear. He might need help... if anyone can convince him to ask for it, at least.]
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Interesting. This network is more advanced than I would have thought from a place like this. Everything seems so... simple. There's definitely a lot more natural places around than I'm used to, if this map is right.

I suppose I'm a new 'trainer'. These creatures do remind me of something, though... has anyone here ever been to Zawame City? I'm guessing no, but I thought I might as well ask.

I guess I should get started on learning things about these creatures if I'm going to be here for a while...

[Action for Goldenrod Rocket Base]

[... Though maybe not so quickly. Anyone in the Goldenrod Base might spot the new recruit, looking vaguely uneasy at what he's read of his 'partner' Pokemon's species. Either that, or someone might spot him in a quiet corner, clearly trying to ignore something but... nothing that's visible.]
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